I am fascinated by the shapes of video game characters from the 80s and 90s which act as the foundation for my works. These are my gods and goddesses, who by today's standards of an ever-changing social reality feel almost ancient. I use PVC boards that I cut out in the life-size shape of these characters and thus pull them away from the perfect crisp image on the screen and manifest them in our flawed material reality. I then populate the blank boards with countless layers of paint and different densities and amounts of drawings, stickers, (often hidden) images and writings, some from popular culture, some of my own design. Despite my interest in the digital, I am not interested in the future, but mainly in looking back. Still, I don’t want to evoke nostalgia, not even a retro moment, it’s more about depicting, rearranging, dissecting my most formative moments.

My layering is inspired by the grimy walls of underground music clubs (which I frequented as a touring musician) where collective stories of strangers collide and deteriorate through time. I destroy, grind, spray, stain the boards until the imperfections invoke this specific rundown esthetic. This process also serves as an antidote to my sometimes crippling OCD and obsession with immaculate execution. It creates a world where imperfection is not only tolerated, but actively encouraged. The result is a tapestry of my flow of thoughts and a map of cultural references, inviting the viewer to find their own reference points, to discover hidden objects, like finding a secret room in a video game.

With time, this series of works developed further and I began to explore typography, video/audio and objects. Each medium allowed me to express the core idea in a specific way, whereas the pixel acted as an ever-present anchor.

I’ve been making posters, t-shirt designs and since high school. During all these years I’ve been very lucky to work with many international bands, record labels, publishing houses and wonderful people including FILMAKADEMIE BADEN WÜRTTEMBERG, DIE VILLA, STADT LEIPZIG, KAPA RECORDS, MOONLEE RECORDS, VAL 202, NOISE APPEAL RECORDS, GOD BLESS THIS MESS RECORDS, TEXT/RAHMEN, ANIMATEKA, LEIPZIG POLISH INSTITE, N’TOKO, NIKKI LOUDER, LUDOVIK MATERIAL, BUG, ŠKM BANDA, DON VITO, MAKATA-0, JACKALOPE BOOKING AGENCY, JEZIKOVNA ZADRUGA SOGLASNIK and MATAVA ART COLLECTIVE. I am also solely responsible for the complete visual identity of my band IT’S EVERYONE ELSE.

For commissions just write an email to or hit me up on social media.
Thank you!